I'm a problem solver and someone who loves to be part of a team. I've been described by past clients as energetic, passionate, and easy to talk to. My goal is for you to walk away with not only a home design that you love, but an experience you enjoyed as well. I set out to create designs that are going to move smoothly through the construction process.

Allow me to assist you in creating spaces that are functional yet inspiring, able to withstand time yet fresh and modern. Let's create the type of space you are proud to host your friends and family in, a space you can make memories in.

I live and breathe design. I would be honored to work with you.





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My wife Catherine and I met over a decade ago in while studying architecture. As entrepreneurs who live and work from home, we truly understand that each dwelling space should be designed to function for that particular homeowner.

Although I will be working most directly with you as the client, Catherine does participate in the design process as an architectural consult and will occasionally attend project walk-throughs.

When we renovated our own home in Uptown New Orleans, we made sure to create spaces that not only functioned well but matched our personal aesthetic. It was my one of my most influential projects to date.

Renovating our home revealed the importance of details, learning the intentions fully, and creating spaces that leave the occupant feeling inspired, relaxed, productive and most importantly...at HOME.

how  A HOUSE becomes A HOME.

what i've learned...

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What was once a segmented, traditional shotgun home is now a modern, open gathering space to host our friends and family. This home was very influential to the trajectory of my business and our lives. We are so excited to share the home with so many, including my clients who often meet with me at my home office. 
Renovating taught me that it is truly possible to make any space unique to its owner. I most enjoy taking this experience and helping others do the same. 

The home is a Double Shotgun Camelback located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. It's approximately 120 years old and when we purchased it in May of 2017 we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us. 
On the side we use for short term rental we made minor adjustments including moving the wash room into the kitchen and turning the former laundry into a fourth bedroom.
But it was on the side we chose as our home that we made the bulk of our modifications. We moved walls, took out walls, moved ductwork and return air units, relocated plumbing and completely transformed spaces. A powder room was added, laundry room relocated and the list continues.