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An architect that does new construction and renovations with energy, joy and passion in New Orleans and surrounding, so that home owners can achieve function and high design in an era of thoughtless architecture and disposable housing.

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Whether you're starting the process of designing your dream home, designing an investment property or making the first steps into redesigning your current home to adapt to your life changes, you might be met with a bit of uncertainty around hiring an architectural designer.

Maybe it's the investment, the belief that you can go straight to the contractor or the horror stories you've heard about the construction and renovation process in may be wondering if it's all worth it. 

As your designer I want to help you create a design that is not only functional but beautiful. I want it to check all the boxes. Let me help you determine your personal style, the things that will make the design uniquely yours, and walk you through all the logistical steps along the way. I can be the person to get you where you want to be in regards to your design, a design that reflects who you are!

" Although my project was small, I quickly came to realize that I, in fact, did need a qualified designer. Working with Brad was exactly what I needed! He was able to work closely with my contractor to ensure that my expectations were met and matched the design concept. He also visited the site often and communicated with the team to make sure all our needs were met." 

- Brian E.

"Brad has a great eye for fresh design and understands our vision. He is very accommodating to schedules and delivers his work in a very timely manner (and at a fair price.) We have really enjoyed our working relationship with him!"

- Jamie G.

"Choosing a residential designer is a big deal. Once Brad and I started hashing out the details, he put my mind at ease. I was overwhelmed with all the moving parts, but he helped me translate my ideas into architectural terms and drawings. I appreciated his patience, skill set and ability to navigate the challenges of renovation. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire a designer!"

- Cat G.